Stumptown Coffee + Happy Cooking Blend


In 2014, we asked our friends at Stumptown Coffee Roasters to make us a proprietary coffee blend that we can serve at all of our restaurants using multiple brewing methods (drip, French press, etc.). Why Stumptown? The brand is extremely selective in how it sources its ingredients and set the industry standard for “Direct Trade” coffee, which means the roaster purchases beans directly from farmers at a fair price (well beyond "Fair Trade").

We met with Stumptown’s roasting department many times over several months to hone in on the Happy Cooking Blend, which is built around a Central American flavor profile with South American and East African accents. The beans we selected are also 100 percent organic and roasted to order, which means our beans are prepared as we need them and delivered to our restaurants the following day.

The final result is a brew that’s robust enough to stand up to a mug loaded with milk, but also delicate and balanced enough to impress the coffee nerds. It's a coffee that will be great at 9 am or 9 pm. You can purchase Happy Cooking Blend by the 12-ounce bag at Jeffrey’s Grocery.