Our New York City restaurants share a passion for food, drink and hospitality by creating environments that feel like coming home.

Little Wisco
is now
Happy Cooking Hospitality

As we've grown beyond the small cluster of restaurants that originally spawned the "Little Wisco" moniker, we wanted to return to the name that founders Gabriel and Gina Stulman had originally chosen for the company. Our Wisconsin roots will always run deep, but as a company we're now Happy Cooking Hospitality.


First We Feast Profiles: The Gabriel Stulman Story

First We Feast launched their new profile series with a short film on the history of our company. Check out the video to hear more about how Happy Cooking came to be and how it's grown in to a family of six neighborhood restaurants.


Gabriel's TEDxCambridge Talk

Watch Gabriel Stulman's TEDxCambridge talk on the importance of engaging your team, as he shares the lessons he's learned running restaurants. If you're interested in having Gabriel speak at your company, contact info@happycookingnyc.com.


Celebrate with us.

Our family of five West Village restaurants are available for daytime and nighttime buyouts, perfect for hosting memorable meals and special events. We also have a more intimate setting in the cellar dining room at Fedora.


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