Carton Brewing + Wiscovation


Our partnership with Carton Brewery is founded in friendship. Since we opened Joseph Leonard, co-owner Augie Carton has been a regular and great supporter of our restaurants, long before he started the brewery.

In 2013, we met up with Augie to discuss a collaboration. We wanted Carton to make a beer that we could serve at all of our restaurants; beyond that we gave him a blank canvas. Augie and his team went to work testing batches on their experimental home brew kit (aka the “tippy”). What came back to us was amazing. Carton had dreamt up with a “Hoppy Red Cream Ale” as well as a name: Wiscovation.

The “red” component is meant to nod to both New Jersey (where Carton is located) and Wisconsin; the “cream” is a nod to the great dairies of Wisconsin. The American hops are there because they are awesome. The beer is intended to compliment a wide variety of cuisine types and work as a very sessionable (drinkable) ale and something that make the beer nerds happy. We love it.