Brovo Spirits + Black Squirrel Amaro


We're excited to have our very own Amaro at all the restaurants, the Brovo Black Squirrel Amaro, created by HCH's Director of Bar Operations Brian Bartels. Brovo Spirits out of Bellingham, Washington started Project Amaro about five years ago, bringing American Amaro into the foreground. In several cities they’ve picked a few top bartenders to create their own Amaro, and this is ours. It’s a very versatile (and obviously delicious!) Amaro; great to drink neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. It has all the dynamics of the Black Squirrel Old Fashioned (the most popular cocktail on the Fedora menu) but done in bitter Amaro form .

The Black Squirrel is famous in the Bartels Family. It’s their hometown bar always visited when they all get back together in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, Butter Capital of the World. When we opened Fedora, Brian wanted to create an Old Fashioned that was original but also paid homage to the Wisconsin legacy of the classic drink. We debuted the Black Squirrel Old Fashioned in January 2011 and it’s been the most popular cocktail ever since. The Amaro uses those same ingredients (citrus, maple, toasted pecan, cinnamon). And it’s worth mentioning that black squirrels are everywhere in Wisconsin, but they’re rare in most parts of the world. This is our way of continuing to celebrate them!