New Year's Eve 2016/17


Reservations for New Year's Eve are available now! Fedora and Perla are opening their books early for December 31, and at Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's Grocery and bar Sardine, this is the one night of the year you can plan ahead and skip the line. Early or late, oysters or pasta, champagne or pilsner, we're ready to party with you.

You won't find a pricey prix fixe or a limited edition "special" menu. What you will find is our full menus, baller additions and plenty of opportunities to raise a glass. We're planning on a party and hope you'll join us in bidding farewell to '16 and welcoming the New Year!

Reserve by giving us a call at 212-933-1824 or book online:
Joseph Leonard | Jeffrey's Grocery 
Fedora | Perla cafe
bar Sardine