Fedora Returns to Tipping


Hello Friends,

At the beginning of this year, we joined a movement of like-minded restaurants in adopting a hospitality-included model that eliminated tipping at our restaurant Fedora. We’ve spent the months since deeply engaged in conversations with our staff, management and guests over the changed experience. After much reflection, we’ve decided that Fedora will return to the same tipping model as our other restaurants.

Beginning on Monday, May 9th, our menu prices will no longer include service and our dining room team will go back to sharing the tips they receive each night. We will be maintaining the increase in compensation for our kitchen team that this change initially made possible.

While we made the determination that a gratuity free system does not work for our business at this time, we continue to believe that it has the potential to change hospitality for the better. We hope it’s the future for more restaurants, including our own, and we’re thankful for the support of our colleagues who remain committed.

Our guests have been really receptive to our efforts to make this change, and we want to say thank you. We hope you’ll come and visit the Fedora team you know and love soon.

-Gabriel Stulman
Happy Cooking Hospitality Founder