Farewell to Montmartre


We recently made the difficult decision to say goodbye to our restaurant Montmartre after three years in West Chelsea, with our last service being Sunday, March 6.

Three years ago, full of excitement and ambition, we ventured on to 8th Avenue in Chelsea hoping to bring our vision of a French bistro to the neighborhood. Despite our efforts, the restaurant ultimately did not have the success we'd hoped for. We have made many improvements along the way, and we never stopped pushing ourselves to make it a better restaurant than it had been the day before. Unfortunately, no matter what we tried, it didn’t result in the steady growth and level of business that is necessary to continue our mission.

Thank you to the many dedicated and passionate colleagues that have shared their strength as a part of our incredible team at Montmartre. We're working with the current team to find them roles within our restaurant family, so you'll see many of those friendly faces popping up at our other spots. And to all of our neighbors and friends who have dined with us over the last three years, we are hugely grateful to you — for your friendship, smiles, spirit and camaraderie each time you walked through the doors.

We appreciate each and every person who has enjoyed a meal with us at Montmartre over the last three years. Thank you for your continued support!

-Gabriel Stulman
Happy Cooking Hospitality Founder