Sixpoint Brewery + Little Wisco Special


In early 2011 we introduced Little Wisco Special, a proprietary beer made with our friends from Sixpoint Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Sixpoint creates terrific craft beers that we celebrate to no end, and we jumped at the opportunity when they asked us to collaborate on a draught beer inspired by our Wisconsin roots that would be poured only in our restaurants and our neighborhood Wisconsin cousin, Kettle of Fish.  

Shane Welch, Sixpoint’s head brewer, hails from Milwaukee (Brew City!) and used to work at Angelic Brewing in Madison, Wisconsin. Shane and his team wanted to create a beer reminiscent of what we drank back at home, i.e. an accessible brew with dynamic nuances. The Little Wisco Special was fermented cold in the lager style and was lightly dry-hopped prior to packaging. The end result was a crisp, medium-bodied, highly quaffable 5.6% ABV beer that was terrific on its own or with food. The Wisconsin way!